This article/testimony was written by a CHA parent and published in Town Favorites magazine:

"The hallmark of a good teacher is one who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the subject they teach, enthusiasm for the information, good classroom management, and of course, care and concern for the well being of the students. But excellent teachers are those who posses all these qualities and change lives. At Cypress Heights Academy, one teacher in particular has successfully flipped a switch within the hearts of the students, exciting them to excel in ways parents and administrators alike didn't know were possible. Mr. Burges, our young, energetic, and talented music teacher has engendered a love for music within the walls of CHA. He has changed our kids-for the better.

As I watched the annual Christmas play recently, I marveled at what I saw...I was moved to tears by his display. The success of his students was his success. This is the sign of a master teacher and we are blessed he is one of many at CHA.

“Why is this place all about Jesus?” first grader, Stephen Bourgeois, asked his parents. His father replied, “That is because life is all about Jesus.” When the mother told us about this she said, “You know you are at the right place when your son comes home asking you a question like that.”