Second Grade
  • Master basic decoding skills using phonics
  • Master oral fluency when reading aloud
  • Develop reading comprehension skills
  • Summarize the main idea
  • Retain specific details
  • Use context clues
  • Sequence events in a story
  • Make inferences
  • Correctly spell frequently used and common words
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Understand the basics of the writing process
  • Write legibly in both manuscript and cursive
  • Maintain sustained attention for 35-40 minutes
  • Exhibit good listening skills
  • Appropriately ask and answer questions
  • Recite poems and passages from memory
  • Use proper etiquette when speaking
  • Develop a good sense of number through skip counting and working with patterns
  • Develop math vocabulary (sum, differences, etc.)
  • Master addition and subtraction facts up to 12
  • Understand place value to the ten thousands
  • Add and subtract with and without regrouping
  • Have a basic understanding of multiplication
  • Tell time to the minute
  • Understand measurement and geometry concepts on grade level
  • Observe, collect, classify, organize and compare data using charts and graphs
  • Spanish
  • Computer Lab
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
In second grade students will continue to develop study habits. They will further expand their note taking skills. Homework is given weekly in Reading, Spelling and Math. Students should study spelling words and math facts nightly. Also, parents should be reading with their child nightly. They will be given additional homework from the Spanish teacher on designated days. Homework should take no longer than 30-40 minutes with a designated time for casual reading. Students will also be assigned various book reports and other types of reports. Parents should supervise homework and help his/her child correct errors when necessary. Parents should also review all work sent home in the folders and go over graded papers with his/her child.
The following tips may be helpful as your child transitions into second grade:
  • Allow your child to take on responsibilities and to accept the rewards and consequences of their actions.
  • Remind your child that you know and the teachers knows he/she is capable of doing well in school.