First Grade
  • Have a strong sense of phonemic and phonological awareness
  • Know all sounds and letters of the alphabet and be able to blend sounds into words and words into sentences with accuracy and fluency
  • Understand that words convey messages
  • Have a strong sight word vocabulary including all color and number words
  • Correctly spell frequently used and common words
  • Read sentences with understanding of punctuation
  • Comprehend what is read aloud and silently on grade level
  • Write legibly and efficiently on lined and unlined paper
  • Write a simple paragraph using correct punctuation and grammar
  • Understand the basics of the writing process
  • Maintain sustained attention for 30 minutes
  • Appropriately ask and answer questions
  • State a clear main point when speaking to others
  • Recite poems and short passages from memory
  • Give short oral reports on a book or topic
  • Use proper etiquette when speaking
  • Identify the number value of a number
  • Be able to correctly use “plus”, “minus”, or “take away”
  • Order and compare numbers
  • Add and subtract with and without regrouping
  • Understand basic fractions
  • Understand basic linear and volume measurement
  • Use a clock and calendar to measure time
  • PE ~ 45 minutes/twice a week
  • Music~ 30 minutes/twice a week
  • Art~ 45 minutes/twice a week
  • Spanish~ 30 minutes/three times a week
  • Computer Lab~ Scheduled on a regular basis according to units being studied
  • Media Center~ 20 minutes/once a week
In the first grade classroom students are evaluated by the teacher on a regular basis. The following assessments are given regularly:
  • Spelling test
  • Math assessments are given regularly
  • Reading comprehension quizzes are given
  • Assessments are given after each Science unit
  • Students will be tested over Spanish concepts
In kindergarten, students are evaluated by the teacher on a regular basis. For each progress report and report card the students will be given both oral and written tests to determine how they are progressing towards mastering each benchmark. Teachers also informally evaluate students through anecdotal records and checklists on a daily basis. Homework is given twice a week and is a review of the math and reading skills learned that week. Homework should be completed with the parents and should only take about 15-20 minutes. Parents are encouraged to reinforce the concepts reviewed in the homework and in the work that is sent home in the weekly note.
First grade children need guidance and support to gain the responsibility needed to be successful at school. Parents are encouraged to gently help your child grow in the following areas:
  • Allow your child to take on personal responsibilities and to face the rewards and consequences for his/her actions
  • Encourage independence - after the first few weeks of school, allow your child to walk to class by him/herself unless it is absolutely necessary for you to be with them.
  • Remind your child that you know he/she is capable of doing well in school.
  • Help your child understand that you will back up and not undermine the teacher’s rules in the classroom.
  • When reading to your child, ask questions about what has been read. Have him/her predict what will happen in the story. Also, ask about lessons learned from stories that have been read to promote active listening.
  • Minimize television viewing and computer games on school days. Promote active outside play, arts and crafts, and encourage the use of the imagination.
  • Children thrive on consistency, so have a set structure in your morning and evening routines making sure your child goes to bed on time.
  • Check your child’s homework and work with your child to help him/her complete their homework.
  • School starts promptly at 8:00 a.m. so give your child enough time to get to school and be ready to begin the day before the first bell rings.
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher any questions or concerns you may have. You are your child’s first educator and his/her teacher will always support you in that role.