Early Childhood

Early Childhood Program (ECP)

Cypress Heights Academy's Preschool combines the pedagogy of Integral Formation with methods inspired by the approach of Maria Montessori in order to create a unique program that cultivates the emotional, physical, academic and spiritual development of its students like no other preschool in Baton Rouge. Attention to the person of each child fosters a balanced atmosphere that is cheerful, nourishing and orderly. The classroom is filled with manipulatives and hands-on activities because learning at this age level is an up-close and tactile experience. The environment encourages young students to explore their own curiosities and challenges them to master language and math concepts. Children develop the love for learning and social skills which are the foundation for future success.

Cypress Heights Academy's ECP is open to emotionally ready two and three-olds, beginning at 18 months of age.

ECP Calendar for the 2013-2014 School Year.