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Challenge Club Raises $720 for Women's New Life Center

Posted: 02/13/2014


Over the past few months, our Challenge girls have been working hard to fill baby bottles with loose change for the Women’s New Life Center. The girls raised the money by doing extra chores around the house, helping their grandparents, etc.


In January, Katie Zumo came and spoke at a club meeting about the center.  Katie was terrific!  The girls got to ask lots of questions about the center and learned about what exactly they do there.  She explained to them that many moms come to the center scared and unsure about being a mom. They were all excited to learn that by the time the moms are done at the center they feel much better. Katie told them that when a mom leaves with an ultrasound picture of her baby, some diapers and wipes, and a blanket and an outfit for her baby, she is smiling and proud that she has a new life inside of her.  The girls asked lots of great questions and Katie had lots to share with them!


Last week the club had a “Baby Shower” for the center.  The girls brought gifts of clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes and many other baby items. In addition, the girls brought 45 baby bottles filled with $720.00!


The goal of this project was to show the girls that we can support moms who choose life even though it may not be the easiest choice. Over the past few months, the baby bottles have served as a reminder to the girls that even a small sacrifice can make a difference in the life of another.

article by Mary Giroir, Challenge Club Leader