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Blessing the Altar

St. Joseph's Altar

Posted: 03/19/2014

Special thanks to Tricia Parsons and every CHA mom who stopped by to help assemble and disassemble our St. Joseph's Day Altar at CHA. Thank you also to students who brought fruit, flowers, cookies, canned goods, breads and pasta. Fr. Robert DeCesare blessed the altar and prayed for the students and families that would be visiting and leaving their intentions. Throughout the day, students came to visit the altars by class. The big buddies brought their little buddies and helped them view the beautiful altars and then collect their fava bean and cookies. At the end of the day, all the canned goods, fruits and cookies were brought to the soup kitchen at St. Agnes' Church downtown. Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity run the soup kitchen every morning for anyone who needs a hot meal. The nuns were so grateful to Cypress Heights for bringing so much fruit and so many canned goods.