About Us
Cypress Heights follows a unique pedagogical model with a commitment to excellence in education and the formation of Christian leaders who will transform society according to the principles of justice and charity as found in the Gospel. In addition, Cypress Heights utilizes the professional materials and services as developed by the National Consultants for Education(NCE). NCE provides guidance and training to a growing number of Pre-K through 12th grade schools across the United States and Canada in the areas of curriculum, professional development, school operations and development.

Cypress Heights adheres to a classical Catholic liberal arts curriculum. Students in each grade study language arts, history and geography, science, mathematics, Spanish, Latin and religion. These disciplines are supplemented by enhancement activities such as art, music, and health and physical education. Each subject is integrated with all others so that as students grow, they come to appreciate the fullness of God's gifts and develop a real joy of wisdom and genuine love for learning. Therefore, they become better able to fulfill the mission for which they were created.

Children are taught to live their faith in their daily lives through participation in daily gospel reflections of Holy Scripture, presentations of the Saint of the Day, and regular prayer three times daily. Cypress Heights encourages regular participation in the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Penance through Masses and Confession when possible. Virtue campaigns and the Kids for Jesus (K4J) program are implemented for development of virtue and human character. The "Leadership Speaker Series" brings leaders of the community into the school to teach the children that they can always keep Christ as the center of their day, regardless of their vocation in life.

Apostolic, or service projects, are planned to encourage demonstration of their love for others and creating a heart in each student that is sensitive to the needs of others. In this way, children learn that the gifts Christ has given them are to be shared with others.

Cypress Heights also fosters continuing human, spiritual, intellectual and apostolic formation by sponsoring activities that provide families an opportunity to participate directly in the education of their children.

Cypress Heights strives to meet the needs of an expanding population who desire a quality education taught within the guidelines of Catholic morality. Although Cypress Heights is not a diocesan school, we strive to maintain a positive relationship with the diocese and seek to aid the bishop and diocese in their role of responding to the needs of parents who desire help in educating their children. Furthermore, we constantly encourage parents to actively participate in diocesan activities since it is the lifeblood of our Catholic faith.

Retaining our Catholic identity, the school welcomes all children of God regardless of race, national or ethnic origin. Cypress Heights Academy is committed to "the development of the whole man, since in Christ, the perfect man, all human values find their fulfillment and unity." Malgre les declarations - Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education.